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Altenew Alcohol Inks have won me over

It started with the blues. I was watching a YouTube video where an artist used a specific color of blue I just hadn't seen before and I went to the brand's website to check it out. I knew that many artists used alcohol marker refills to create with, but I hadn't used many. When I saw the color selection, the bottle, the cap, and the packaging, I ordered my first set.

I love these inks for so many reasons:

Color Selection - 132 gorgeous colors - many that I can't find in other brands. It's time for me to update my color palette and will be switching over Altenew inks in my live workshops this year.

A Great Value - Altenew inks are 30ml (1 oz) - twice the volume of most other brands 15ml (.5 oz), but they are not twice the price of others, so a much better value.

The Bottle Design - Just look at it! I love the shape and the bottom-heavy design makes it less likely to tip over. The name of the color is large and easy to read and includes the marker # for reference. Each bottle comes in a sealed box. If you cut out the front of the box, you've got an instant swatch card!

Color-Coded Cap - The bottle nozzel is completely closed off once it fits into the cap and best of all the topof the cap is color coded so you can find colors quickly and includes the marker # so you will always get the correct cap on the bottle!

I'll soon be selling select colors on my website. In the meantime, you can view all of the colors and sets on Altenew's website.






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