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About My Art

Nearly ten years ago I made a simple New Year's resolution: to set aside one hour each week to do something creative. It completely changed my life. 

I was initially drawn to alcohol inks because of the bright, happy colors, but I quickly became addicted to their surprising behavior and beautiful, organic movement. Then I began adding acrylic ink and India ink to some of my paintings and loved the results. Writing inks (meant for fountain pens) allow me to create on more porous substrates and detail them with pen & ink techniques. Incorporating cold wax, here and there, takes things to the next level.

It all started with ink, but who knows where this journey will take me. My wish is that the joy I feel when I'm creating, or teaching, is physically visible and then emotionally transferred to you through my art.

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Beth Kluth

Since 2016 I've probably taught over 600 live workshops - it truly is a joy of mine. Look for more online workshops and YouTube videos from me in 2024. 

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