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Time-lapse video creating an abstract floral bouquet with alcohol ink and acrylic paint

I was playing around in my studio last night and decided to videotape what I was doing.

I started with an 11x14 piece of Yupo paper and like I often do, just started dripping and creating an abstract background. Once it was dry, I covered it with a thin layer of white acrylic paint that I loosened up with a bit of water. While the paint was still wet, I dripped and splattered it with some Isopropyl Aclohol (I used 99%, but 91% works just as well). Then I just keep adding more color to blend in with the wet paint. With a great base of color and texture, I start purposely dripping alcohol ink to create flowers, vase, leaves, etc. Then I finish up by using a negative-space painting technique to define the outline of the bouquet and vase and adding a few highlights to the flowers. So much fun! I hope you try it!

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