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Bee Blocks Video Tutorial

Alcohol Ink Video Tutorial

When my husband and I started beekeeping last summer, I felt compelled to create some bee-inspired art. Using alcohol inks on these small gessoed wood panels, I created a whole series of bee blocks. I experimented with color, stencils, bubble wrap and stamps to get different effects. This video tutorial will show you how to make your own.

Supply List


I’m using a 3x3 ultra-smooth gesso wood panel from Jerry’s Artarama:

But you can do this technique on glazed tile, Yupo or any other very smooth surface.


Ranger Sunshine Yellow, Butterscotch and Honeycomb

Ranger Patina, Citrus, Wild Plumb (optional accents). Experiment with other colors!

Pinata Rich Gold (optional accent).

Honeycomb Stencil:

There are many more styles – search for “honeycomb stencil” at and If you don’t want to buy a stencil, you can also use small bubble wrap.

Bee Stamp:

I used two stamps I found on Etsy –

There are many more styles – search for “bee stamp” on Or you can draw/paint your own using these as a guide.


Hair dryer

Check out my Master Alcohol Ink Supply List with photos and links where to purchase a wide variety of supplies.

You can now purchase my Bee Blocks online!

f you like these cute little blocks but don't plan to make your own, you can purchase some of mine in my new. Shop Now

Ready to go? Let's get started....





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