My Alcohol Ink Supply List

After each of my workshops I used to send out an email to the students with a list of the materials we used and links where to find the best prices online. I thought I'd put all that information into a blog post for anyone to reference - I hope you find this helpful.

Alcohol inks are very vibrant, yet transparent dyes in an alcohol base. They are ideal for use on non-porous surfaces -- plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, acetate -- anything that allows them to float and spread on the surface until they dry. And since they are in an alcohol base, they dry very quickly.

You can get started with alcohol inks pretty easily, and for around $30 - $50 (depending on how many colors of ink you buy.) Please keep in mind that the inks are in an alcohol base, which means they are flammable. They stain fabrics permanently. You should roll up your sleeves and always wear protective gloves. I WOULD NOT recommend these for use with younger children. You need to use Isopropyl alcohol to clean everything. If this sounds like too much trouble, then I'd advise trying another medium. For those of you who are not afraid, prepare to be amazed.

Follow the orange links to view the products online:


Ranger/Adirondack Alcohol Inks

Ranger/Adirondack brand by Tim Holtz / $4 - $5 for single bottles, or $11-$13 for a 3-pack

These are readily available at your local craft store. You can also buy 3-packs and single 1/2 oz. bottles online at:

Michaels | Hobby Lobby | JoAnn | Amazon

Three palettes I use in my workshops are:

Dockside Picnic: Watermelon (red), Citrus (light green - great for lightening) and Sailboat Blue

Summit View: Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, Purple Twilight

Nature Walk: Wild Plum (bright pink), Stream (teal) and Butterscotch (golden yellow)

The 10th color I also use in my workshops is Denim (dark blue). But there are over 60 different colors, including some metallic mixatives - see all the colors here

Snow Cap Mixative

Ranger Snow Cap Mixative / $4.50- $10 for single .5 oz bottle

This is an opaque mixative - perfect for making white flowers on a dark background.

The best price and availability I've found is online at or Cheap Joe's. | Cheap Joe's | Amazon |

Pinata Exciter Pack of Alcohol Inks

Pinata brand by Jacquard / $18 for 9-pk / $2.50 for .5 oz / $8 for 4 oz.

This is another brand of alcohol inks, found primarily online. They are sold individually or in a nice 9 pack set for about $20. They offer colors that are slightly different than Ranger and you can also buy them in a larger 4 oz bottles at some online sites.

I love their blues (Baja Blue and Sapphire) and their Rich Gold is magical! It acts like an ink, not like the Ranger gold mixative.

Amazon | Cheap Joe's | JoAnn

COPIC marker refills

COPIC Marker Refills / $4 - $6 for 25cc (.85 oz)

The refills for COPIC alcohol-based markers are another great alternative and feature over 240 colors to choose from! Check them all out!

Dick Blick | JoAnn