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A Focus on Creating and Experimentation This Summer

I teach a lot of in-person workshops because I LOVE teaching and helping others create amazing art. The actual class time is so much fun for me! However, the prep of materials, scheduling and setting up registration pages, marketing via social posts and email, packing, traveling, stocking supplies, etc are all very time-consuming tasks. As someone who promotes the idea that you should set aside time each week to create, I'm sad to say that I haven't been able to do that much over the last couple of months and it's time to change that.

In order to creatively recharge, and get more pieces ready for my upcoming art fairs and online store, I'll be spending June, July, and August in my studio and putting in-person workshops on hold until the fall.

I will, however, be sharing a lot more with you online:

  • Demos and tutorials, re-work of old artwork pieces, and product testing/reviews on my YouTube channel SUBSCRIBE>

  • Behind-the-scenes video of new experiments and work incorporating inks with other media (acrylic paint, cold wax, encaustic, and more) on my Facebook page FOLLOW ME>

  • A series of six online classes throughout the summer. Dates and projects will be announced soon. LEARN MORE>

i also need this time to organize my studio (I'll be sharing some of that as well!)/ I'm so excited to focus on creating and experimenting this summer - I hope you'll join me!






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