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Exciting News to Start Off the New Year... I'm Published!

I'm thrilled and honored to be part of a new book, "Creating Art with Alcohol Ink", which will be released on January 17th! I have two project tutorials in this extensive 144-page guide, along with 11 other contributors and authors Laurie Williams and Sheryl Williams.

I was given the opportunity to participate by Laurie and Sheryl as part of the creative team supporting the Alcohol Ink Art Community online and as a contributor to the Alcohol Ink Art Society.

As a painting medium, alcohol inks have rapidly grown in popularity due to their unique properties. Vibrant, yet transparent, these dyes in an alcohol base move and blend in amazing ways. I first worked with them in 2015 and quickly became obsessed. I started teaching workshops in 2016 and I'm guessing I've taught over 600 live workshops since then.

In 2020 I lost my full-time job and started teaching and selling my artwork full-time. This book is a FANTASTIC way to start off 2023!

It's now available on Amazon.





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