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Inked Metal Pumpkin Tutorial

Each fall I teach live workshops in SE Wisconsin to create beautiful galvanized metal pumpkins covered in vibrant, yet translucent, alcohol inks. We call it "Pumpkin Fever!". When the metal shines through the inks, they just glow. From a distance they almost look like glass. Alcohol ink and galvanized metal is a fantastic combination!

Where do you get the pumpkins?

The 7" size shown here is from Hobby Lobby. They also have have a larger version. If you can't find them at your local store (they are sold out online), Amazon also has a similar style. As do many other online retailers.

Hobby Lobby 7" click here

Hobby Lobby 12" click here

Amazon 7" click here

Goggle Search click here

What other supplies do I need?

  • Alcohol inks

  • Blending Solution

  • Paper Towel or Napkins

  • 2-3 paintbrushes

  • Palette with wells to hold the ink

  • Gloves

  • A protected surface

Check out my Alcohol Ink Supply List with photos and links where to purchase a wide variety of supplies.

To get you started, I've created a guide showing many different color combinations. These are colors that blend beautifully without getting muddy. Download PDF here

Let's get started....





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