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Artwork exhibited at Ovation Communities

I'm very honored to have my alcohol ink art exhibited this month at Ovation Jewish Home, part of Ovation Communities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A dozen or so of my favorite paintings have been enlarged and printed behind clear sheets of acrylic and are on display for the months of March and April.

I'd like to thank Randy Crosby, the director of their art | ovation program, for making this a reality. Randy and his wife, Meredith, attended one of my workshops at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend in January of 2018. We've been in contact ever since and I was thrilled to participate in this program that brings local artists' work to all areas of the residential facility.

They also hosted a lovely reception on March 24, where I was able to discuss my art journey not only with friends and family but with residents and the public.

Here's a short video tour of the exhibit:

This is my story, printed on the signs you see in the video:

"Several years ago, I made a simple New Year's resolution: to set aside at least one hour each week to be creative. It completely changed my life. That commitment gave me time to play as well as permission to fail because it was all about the creative process, not the finished product.

I pulled out art supplies I hadn’t touched in years and experimented with some new mediums when I accidentally stumbled upon alcohol inks. Their transparency and fluidity looked similar to watercolors, but much more vibrant. When I started working with them, I realized they didn't act, or react, like any other painting medium I had ever used. I was hooked. In my artwork, I want to showcase the inks’ unique properties – how they blend, but also how they push up against each other leaving dark ridges. I rarely use a paintbrush, instead guiding the inks with plastic tools, air and felt. It’s important not to overwork them, but to let them move on their own until the alcohol quickly evaporates, and the inks are dry. Their organic and spontaneous behavior allows you to create things you never imagined. Unpredictable and often difficult to control, it's a lesson in letting go – letting go of perfection, of expectations – and embracing the unknown. I truly believe there is beauty in imperfection, and I think my abstract work with alcohol inks embodies that notion.

Happiness. Joy. If I can convey that through my art, then I’ve succeeded in sharing how working with this amazing medium makes me feel. The only thing I enjoy more than creating is teaching others what I've learned through experimentation. My greatest joy is to spark and inspire creativity in others."





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