Holiday Ornaments Kit 2020

Instruction and materials to create twelve beautiful ornaments with alcohol inks, delivered right to your door!

I love Christmas and especially doing workshops teaching people how to create unique and colorful ornaments with alcohol inks. 2020 hasn't been a great year for gathering to do live workshops, so I've pulled together all the special materials and instruction into a kit that will allow you to create twelve beautiful ornaments at home. (You will need your own alcohol inks, in your choice of colors.) This would be a really fun activity for a small group of friends or family. And the ornaments make great gifts under $10 each.

FREE SHIPPING until December 1st


You will have lifetime access to four instructional videos demonstrating different techniques to use alcohol inks on various surfaces:

  1. Techniques for plastic globe ornaments, including using fillers

  2. Techniques for porcelain surface ornaments

  3. Techniques involving decoupage on paper mache and plastic

  4. Techniques on blending multiple colors of inks on galvanized metal

PLEASE NOTE: Please wear gloves to protect your hands and make sure to protect your work surfaces. Alcohol inks stain and can ruin your table or floor if they are not protected. I don't recommend this project for small children, unless carefully supervised, because of the chance for accidents. If using plastic tablecloths from the store, I would use a double layer. Newspapers will not protect your surface from alcohol inks, isopropyl alcohol, or blending solution - it will soak right through.

Remember to always work with alcohol inks in a well-ventilated area.






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