Holiday Ornaments Kit + Videos

Holiday Ornaments Kit + Videos


Instruction and Materials to create twelve beautiful ornaments with alcohol inks



You will have lifetime access to four instructional videos demonstrating different techniques to use alcohol inks on various surfaces:

  1. Techniques for plastic globe ornaments, including using fillers
  2. Techniques for porcelain surface ornaments
  3. Techniques involving decoupage on paper mache and plastic
  4. Techniques on blending multiple colors of inks on galvanized metal




Clear Plastic (5)

  • Five large 3” diameter clear ornaments
  • Various “filler” materials and tool to help fill
  • Applicator tool and felt


Porcelain Balls (4)

  • Four 2.5” diameter porcelain ornaments (surface is similar to glazed ceramic tile)
  • Applicator tool and felt
  • Ranger Blending Solution (in 1 oz. bottle)
  • Pinata Rich Gold ink (in .5 oz. bottle)


Decoupage (2)

  • Two ornaments to decoupage - one paper mache and one plastic
  • Tim Holtz Botanical Collage Paper  You’ll receive approx. 2 ft, or two repeating patterns of the design - more than enough for two ornaments.
  • White craft paint
  • ModPodge glue/sealant
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Detail paintbrush


Metal Snowflake (1)

  • One large 7.5” diameter, 3D, galvanized metal snowflake
  • A 6-well palette for inks
  • Two small paint brushes


PLEASE NOTE: Also included are 4 pairs of non-latex gloves. Please wear gloves to protect your hands and make sure to protect your work surfaces. Alcohol inks stain and can ruin your table or floor if they are not protected. I don't recommend this project for small children, unless carefully supervised, because of the chance for accidents.  If using plastic tablecloths from the store, I would use a double layer. Newspaper will not protect your surface from alcohol inks, isopropyl alcohol, or blending solution - it will soak right through.


Supplies that you will need to provide:

  • Plastic to cover your work surface (see NOTE above).
  • Alcohol inks in your choice of colors
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (to clean inks off of paintbrushes). 70% IPA will not work. This should be available at drug stores or Wal-Mart, Target, etc. (If you can’t find 91% IPA, you can use hand sanitizer or the Blending Solution that is included in the kit.)
  • Water (to clean paint and ModPodge off paintbrushes)
  • Paper towel or napkins
  • Scissors
  • Additional gloves if you are doing a group activity with more than four people



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