Just make the time.

    This whole journey of mine started with a decision. A resolution: to set aside at least one hour a week to do something creative. If you don't make the time, set an appointment, add it to your calendar.... it doesn't happen.

    Doing something creative doesn't necessarily mean something artistic. There are many ways to be creative: planning an event, arranging flowers, making candles, knitting.... anything that uses the right side of your brain and makes your heart happy.

    Still not sure what to do?

    Here are some ideas to get you started:

    1. Zentangles

    2. Quilting

    3. Watercolor painting

    4 Make a succulent garden

    5. Crocheting

    6. Multimedia journal

    7. Jewelry making

    8. Felting

    9. Paper flowers

    10. Sewing

    11. Plan a theme party

    12. Origami

    13. Chalk Paint a frame

    14. Learn calligraphy

    15. Coloring

    16. Learn to play a musical instrument

    17. Grow an herb garden

    18. Write a poem

    19. Rearrange your furniture

    20. Grab your camera and take some photos


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